Pumps & Powerpacks

Larzep have a wide range of pumps and powerpacks, with different capacities and flows, depending on their intended usage. 




LARZEP Products

M&R Hydraulics are an official distributor for Larzep


W-X hydraulic hand pump

  • W series pumps are for use with Single acting cylinders.
  • X series pumps are fitted with 4-way 3 position valves for use with Double acting cylinders.
  • The pump range includes single and two speed models. Two speed models provide rapid cylinder advance until contact is made with the load.

WAP / WIP hydrostatic test hand pump

  • 13 models available, from 25 bar to 1.300 bar.
  • Engineered and designed for easy operation.
  • WAP models with cast iron or mid steel frame.

HBM hand powerpack with hand valve

  • Remote pendant controlled solenoid valves, with up, down and emergency stop button.
  • Internal safety valve set at 700 bar to prevent overpressure.
  • External adjustable pressure relief valve.

WA hydraulic aluminium hand pump

  • Maximum working pressure: 700 bar.
  • WA series pumps are for use with Single-acting cylinders.
  • Lightweight aluminium pumps, ideal for easy portability and handling.

WI modular hand pump

  • Wide range with different working pressures.
  • Light weight with tapped holes in the base for easy mounting.
  • All models are black nitrated.

HAP hydrostatic pumps

  • 10 Models Available, from 70 bar to 2.900 bar.
  • Engineered and designed for easy operation.
  • Compact and lightweight steel frame for full protection and handling.

HBE hand powerpack with solenoid valve

  • Manual directional control valves.
  • Also available HBE model, push button controlled solenoid valves.
  • The manual control valve is easily converted from double to single acting operation. Internal safety valve set at 700 bar to prevent overpressure.

Z-ZR air hand pump

  • On Z models for Single Acting cylinders, the pedal acts as the control valve, by controlling advance, hold and retract functions. In ‘hold’ mode, the pump maintains the output pressure.
  • On ZR models, operation is controlled via a push button remote pendant.
  • Double Acting models are fitted with a manual 4-way 3 position control valve.

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