M&R Hydraulics has a range of analytical equipment to inform you of the cleanliness of your hydraulic oils.

Up to 70% of oils used in hydraulic equipment carry some form of contamination. Once in the system these particles can cause untold damage, which could result in expensive pumps, valves or cylinder repair costs.

Guided by ASTM standard testing methods for oil analysis,  we ensure the procedure of each sample processed is maintained.

We can assist you to monitor the cleanliness of your hydraulic oils, either directly from your hydraulic system or by obtaining a bottle sample to process in our lab. Results can be obtained within a few hours whereas outsourcing could possibly take days.

Our laboratory equipment includes:

  • Automatic Particle Counting is provided by our LPA3 and features innovative optical and photodiode technology for a fast, accurate and comprehensive hydraulic health check. 
  • Oil Analysis Patch Test – Patch tests are used to determine the types of contaminants in your system, by passing the oil sample through a determined filter patch. This microscopic evaluation can visually identify major contaminants including: bright metals, plastics, silica & fibres. With this test we can also determine the size of the contaminants present. 

Other laboratory services include:

  • ACE oil assessment (through EPT OIL) for expert fluid analysis for critical rotating equipment and EHC systems
  • Membrane patch colorimetry (MPC) to predict potential varnish problems
  • Visual viscosity comparison testing
  • Water in oil analysis (PPM) 
  • Oil conductivity testing for measuring & comparing the dielectric constant of new and used fluids

Our rapid turnaround service can report our findings within several hours of the samples arriving at M&R Hydraulics – depending upon the findings contained within the report, we can suggest a range of filtration products or filtration services to help lower ISO counts and bring contamination under control. This could be a simple matter of adding advanced filtration media or incorporating specific filtration equipment to tackle the problem.

Oil Cleanliness & Contamination Pocket Guide
Lab Analysis Equipment

Portable particle counter equipment

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How clean is your hydraulic oil?

Patch Test Kit

Patch test kit 

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