Fluid Conditioning Equipment

Hy-Pro fluid conditioning equipment can maintain your fluid cleanliness with Hy-Pro filter carts, dedicated offline filtration, vacuum dehydration, turbine oil, fuel coalesce, soluble varnish removal SRV & electrostatic contamination removal systems.

CSD – Diesel Coalesce Non-Powered Filtration System

Fluid Handling & Storage

Begin filtration and contain contamination before it ever enters your plant to protect your equipment and your bottom line.

Varnish & Acid Scavenging Systems

A complete recovery and maintenance solution for mineral-oil-based turbine lubricants. SVR targets and removes the dissolved varnish pre-cursors which are the cause of varnish. 

Water Removal Systems

Hy-Pro water removal systems have a near-perfect balance between heat, vacuum, process design and an easy, user-friendly operating system for managing the removal of water, particulates from hydraulic and high viscosity lubricating oils.

Fluid Conditioning Equipment

Filter Elements

A filter is not a black hole. Two key characteristics of a filter performance are capture efficiency and retention efficiency. Capture efficiency can be thought of simply as how effectively a filter captures particles while retention efficiency is a measure off how effectively that filter retains the particles it has captured.

Hy-Pro Filter Elements

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