Filter Assemblies

Hy-Pro has a range of filter assemblies specifically designed to maintain continuous filtration without system interruption.  We can provide the following filter assemblies

  • Duplex
  • In-Tank
  • Low Pressure
  • Medium Pressure
  • High-Pressure 
Hy-Pro Spin on Filter Hy-Pro Assemblies

Duplex Filter Assemblies

Ideal for systems where filters must be serviced while continuous operation is not interrupted such as hydraulic, gearbox, and servo systems.

In-Tank Assemblies

Ideal for installation on the return line to remove contaminants ingested or generated by the system.

Low Pressure Assemblies

Ideal for high viscosity lubricating fluids, high flow hydraulic, and heavily contaminated fuel applications.

Medium Pressure Assemblies

Ideal for mobile equipment return line applications as an alternative to spin-ons, on-board fuel and dispensing and hydrostatic charge circuits.

Low Pressure High Flow Duplex Filter Assembly

High Pressure Assemblies

Ideal for a variety of applications including mobile applications, paper and saw mills, power generation, general industrial machine tools, and automotive manufacturing.

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