Now more than ever we are all aware of the importance of reducing the environmental impact that waste can have on the environment. Identifying sustainable solutions that can avoid unnecessary waste is becoming ever more important from both an economic & environmental perspective. One proven solution for the treatment of water-contaminated hydraulic oil is vacuum dehydration. 

Hy-Pro vacuum dehydration systems restore contaminated fluids to a usable condition by removing particulates & water contamination.

Water in oil is a contaminant and therefore must be managed effectively. Simply dumping the contaminated hydraulic oil and replacing it with new oil will not remove all of the contaminated water from the hydraulic system.

Ignoring water contamination can lead to internal system corrosion, valve locking, parts wear, oil oxidation, additive depletion and pump failures.

Vacuum dehydration units are essentially oil purifiers and are considered ideal for removing all forms of water, including free, emulsified and dissolved water and gas from hydraulic and lubricating oils.

Hy-Pro vacuum dehydrators can work with many systems and on most oils. Our Hy-Pro vacuum dehydration units cover a range of flow rates and are sized for small or large systems.

If you are experiencing problems with water in your hydraulic or lube oils, we can either process your contaminated oil at our facilities or arrange for a hire unit at your premises.

Call M&R Hydraulics to find out how we can help.

Compact Vacuum Dehydration Unit
Vacuum Dehydrated Oil

Dehydrated oil returned to its original ‘golden’ state.

Water in Oil by PPM Contamination

Appearance to Water in Oil

Vacuum Dehydration Models & Estimate Water Removal Time By Model

Vacuum Dehydration – A Proven Performer.

The graph here represents the time per model to remove water from 5000 ppm down to 150 ppm for increasing reservoir sizes.

For example, we estimate a Hy-Pro V10 unit will take 40 hours to process a 13,000 litre tank, removing approximately 18 litres of water from a contaminated system.

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