Hydraulic Powerpack Services

When it comes to choosing the right hydraulic powerpack you need to talk to the expects who can understand your requirements & provide the appropriate product for your application & process parameters. Here at M&R Hydraulics we have a wealth of experience to guide you through the types of pumps, pressure, flow rates & compatibility for your application. 

New Powerpack

Powerpack Maintenance

Like other machinery, hydraulic powerpacks need routine servicing to function efficiently and last longer. A hydraulic powerpack is a vital part of any hydraulic system & often one of its primary components is forgotten about until a failure is encountered. Typically if the maintenance of the hydraulic reservoir is overlooked the amount of contamination on the lid and surfaces will likely build up & end up in the reservior unless cleaned away.

Our powerpack maintenance service ensures that the pump, motor, control valves are working efficiently & replacement filters, breathers and hydraulic reservoir cleaning are all completed to extend the life of your oil.

New & Refurbished Powerpacks

New & serviced powerpacks ready for delivery.

Dirty powerpack lid

Rust formation on the reservoir lid due to moisture ingress.

Headspace Contamination

Hydraulic reservoir contamination is more common than you might expect – the reservoir can be exposed to airborne contaminants when the oil in the system is topped up or if the breather is ineffective.

Having moisture in the headspace will eventually condense and start rust forming on the tank surfaces, which can potentially flake off & enter the hydraulic fluid.

Powerpack Servicing

Serviced powerpack ready to be returned to our client.

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