Hy-Pro Portable Filter Carts

A fully self-contained mobile solution for bulk oil handling, fluid transfer and reservoir or gearbox conditioning. Hy-Pro Portable Filter Carts are ideal for lower viscosity hydraulic oil, lube oil and diesel fuel.

These filter carts are engineered for industrial use.
Rugged construction and attention to the smallest of details come together remarkably so that nothing holds you or your equipment back. The easy to maneuver hand-truck style design with never-flat pneumatic tires and cast iron gear pump with internal relief mean you get powerful filtration exactly when and where you need it.

Set the stage for your success.
Staged filtration allows a range of media selections for particulate and water removal to deliver ISO Codes right on target. Choose between dual MF3 cartridge (standard) or up to four Spin-On elements to tackle the most viscous fluids and achieve unimaginably low ISO Codes in a single pass.

Our smallest filtration unit, the Compact Offline Filter is able to fit where no other filtration equipment can. Ideal for smaller systems, or where a larger offline system wouldn’t fit, can be permanently installed or portable.

Fleet of Filtration Equipment to Hire

Our fleet of fluid conditioning equipment ranges from:-

  • Fluid handling & storage
  • Offline filter systems
  • Varnish and acid scavenging systems
  • Water removal equipment.
Hy-Pro Filtration Equipment
Hy-Pro Filter Carts

Another batch of these versatile self-contained oil handling & fluid transfer carts being prepared for delivery.

One client was so impressed with the unit they hired for only 2 weeks, they decided to place an order to purchase FIVE units.

Our client’s decision to buy the units was based upon:-

  • Ease of use
  • The generous flow rate of 37L/min
  • Robustness of equipment
  • Colour coding – to cut down cross contamination of different oil types (gearbox, lube, hydraulic oil)
  • Compatible with high efficiency (beta 4000) elements.
Hy-Pro Filter Cart
Dynamic Filter Elements

Media Matters

DFE rated filter elements stay true to efficiency ratings and ensure the highest level of particulate capture and retention capabilities. And with media options down to β2.5[C] ≥ 1000, you can be sure contamination stays exactly where you want it: out of your systems.

With options to make your job easier.
With the optional filter bypass line, cold starts, gearbox pump-outs, and even element change outs become easier than ever. Add the optional PM-1 particle monitor for real time cleanliness data and know exactly how your filtration is performing without the need for a bottle.

Filter-Carts Ready for Delivery

Filter Carts Ready For Delivery

For the more observant among you, will have no doubt noticed all three carts are all different – Two carts have similar flow capabilities, but have different element arrangements depending upon intended application – the last filter cart is a standard FC10 (our most popular cart) with water removal media selected.

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