Larzep has an extensive range of dedicated tools for a variety of specific and flexible applications.

These tools include:- 

  • Chain Cutters
  • Cable Cutters
  • Nut Splitters
  • Wedge Spreaders
  • Hydraulic Pullers
  • Toe Jacks
  • Lifting Cushions
Larzep Tools

M&R Hydraulics are an official distributor for Larzep


CK hydraulic chain cutters

  • Maximum working pressure 700 bar.
  • CK0016 model includes an integrated hand pump. Other models are powered by an external hand, air, electric, or petrol pump.
  • CK0216, CK0230 and CK0250 models are double acting, for fast retraction.

FU hydraulic pullers

  • Wide range of models from 5 to 50 Tn suitable for most maintenance pulling applications.
  • Manufactured in high quality forged steel.
  • FU Universal Hydraulic Puller includes the hydraulic components and all mechanical components.

CY spread cylinders

  • CY series spreaders are used for many tasks in confined access situations.
  • CY0109G is used for very confined situations and CY0122 is used for greater spreading distance.

AU hydraulic toe jacks

  • From 20 to 60 Tn.
  • Compact and lightweight jacks for easy transportation.
  • Load can be lifted with either toe or main plunger.

CC hydraulic cable cutters

  • Maximum working pressure 700 bar.
  • Single acting models have spring return.
  • CC0260 model is double acting and is especially recommended for sub-sea applications. Optionally we
    can supply special seal kits for deep water operation.

FA self-centering pullers

  • Self-centering Puller (FA) available in 10, 20, 30 and 50 Tn.
  • Ergonomic, self centering of the jaws provides easy setups on pulling jobs.
  • The large jaw opening allows bigger diameter reach and spread which makes the puller more versatile.

BS flange spreader

  • 5 and 10 Tn models available.
  • Used for safely opening pipe flanges.
  • Adjustable jaw widths from 70 to 226 mm

PH portable hydraulic punching heads

  • From 15 to 45 Tn.
  • Direct punching hydraulic machine designed for round, square or oblong puncher holes in mild steel sheets.
  • Lightweight, easy transport and handling, especially in confined spaces.

CN hydraulic nut splitter

  • Designed to work in two different ways, depending on the material grade of the nuts, either cutting or deforming them.
  • CN0024 Model with integrated pump, provides easier access for situations with limited access.
  • CN0224 Model especially designed to cut the nuts of the guard rails.

CY wedge spreader

  • 15 ton capacity wedge spreader.
  • Lightweight and ergonomic tool.
  • Specially designed for pipe and flange repair and maintenance. Can be used also for seal replacement, removing elbows or heavy equipment maintenance.

AA lifting cushions

  • Pneumatic cushion made of friction resistant material.
  • Collapsed height of 28 mm.
  • Working pressure: 8 bar.

C/CX load cells

  • Accuracy ± 4%
  • Load cells available from 5 to 30 Tn. 
  • Portable compression load cells, measure loads in compression.

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