We can provide a wide range of Larzep accessories to complete the hydraulic system and ensure safe and efficient working. Available accessories include:-

  • Hydraulic Hoses
  • Couplings
  • Flow Control Valves
  • Pressure Gauges
  • Fittings & Manifolds
  • Hydraulic Oils
  • Saddles
Larzep Products

M&R Hydraulics are an official distributor for Larzep in the UK.

AP hydraulic hoses

  • 4:1 Safety Factor on 700 bar hoses.
  • Wide range of standard hoses. Available hoses with any length.
  • Rubber Guard on both ends

AV – AVD pressure gauges

  • High accuracy gauges. Class 1.0 ref. AV10011 and digital gauge. Class 1.6 ref. AV10007.
  • Essential for monitoring working pressure. Dual scal bar & psi.
  • Glycerine filled gauges.

CATS – AZ04 – AZ05 saddles

  • Tilting saddles
  • Hollow saddles

AZ3 hydraulic coupler

  • Low flow and high flow couplers, from 6 to 40 litres/min.
  • 700 and 1.000 bar couplers have 3/8″ NPT theread. 1.500 bar couplers have 1/4″-BSP thread.
  • Male and Female couplers can be supplied separately.

AZ1 fittings and manifolds

  • Wide range of Fittings and Manifolds for multiple applications.
  • Upon request, LARZEP supplies other accessories that fit to special requirements of threads and measures.

AZ5 – flow control valves

  • All flow and pressure control valves are designed for 700 bar working pressure.
  • All valves have 3/8″-NPT pressure ports to prevent leakage.

AZ89 Hydraulic oil

  • Use always original Larzep Hydraulic Oil or oil having the same technical characteristics.
  • The use of any other fluid could damage the seals or equipment and will make the warranty null and void.
  • AZ8901 for pumps and jacks.
  • AZ8902 for powerpacks.

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