M&R Hydraulics are pleased to announce that we are UK distributors for Camozzi Pneumatic Equipment.

Camozzi’s multi-technological approach makes it possible to offer an optimal solution for every application by choosing from the best pneumatic, electric and proportional technologies available.

This process requires a depth of expertise that not only addresses both the characteristics of technologies and products, but also considers the functional requirements of the end application.

The principal function of the Camozzi scraper seal is to keep the cylinder piston rod clean and free from the build-up of ice, resin, cement, clay and other dirt to extend the service life of your product and ultimately prevent unnecessary downtime for your machinery.


Camozzi Automation

The Camozzi scraper seal cylinder is suitable for use in various other industry sectors, such as: timber handling, refrigerated/chilled transport, the cement industry, chemicals and food & beverage.

Camozzi Pneumatic Cylinder

A chrome plated Stainless Steel AISI 420B piston rod is used to offer superior resistance towards corrosion compared to typical C45 steel chrome plated alternatives.

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