Vacuum Dehydration Units

Our fleet of Vacuum Dehydration units from Hy-Pro are one of the most effective solutions for the removal of water from hydraulic & lubrication systems. Water in oils can take on three forms. Free, Dissolved & Emulsified. Some devices such as coalescing & centrifuges only remove the free water, leaving the dissolved & emulsified, where Hy-Pro technology remove all three, including gases.

Results you can see – Clear covers on the vacuum chamber & condensate collection tank let you see as the water from your oil collects in the condensate tank. From there, you can say goodbye as it’s drained & removed from your system.

Recently we saved a customer in the automotive trade almost £60,000 in replacement oil costs by using of one our units for only two weeks!!

Vacuum Dehydration Unit Benefits

  • Automatic operation – reduced labour costs
  • Compact size – easy to install and transport
  • See the benefits before you buy – weekly hire is available

We have a fleet of vacuum dehydration units of varying sizes that are available for rental or sale. 

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