Vacuum Dehydration – The Proven Performer

Our fleet of six vacuum dehydration units from Hy-Pro are one of the most effective solutions for the removal of water from hydraulic & lubrication systems. Having a fleet of six units ( V 1 to V20 ) invariably means we can react quickly should you have a water ingress problem that needs urgent attention.

These Vacuum Dehydration units are one of the most effective solutions for the removal of water from hydraulic & lubrication systems. Water in oils can take on three forms. Free, Dissolved & Emulsified. Some devices such as coalescing & centrifuges only remove the free water, leaving the dissolved & emulsified, where Hy-Pro technology remove all three, including gases.

Results you can see – Clear covers on the vacuum chamber & condensate collection tank let you see as the water from your oil collects in the condensate tank. From there, you can say goodbye as it’s drained & removed from your system automatically.

Recently we saved an automotive manufacturer £14,000 in replacement oil costs alone by hiring one of our vacuum dehydration units for only one week.

Vacuum Dehydration Unit Benefits

  • Automatic operation – reduced labour costs
  • Compact size – easy to install and transport
  • See the benefits before you buy – weekly hire is available

We have a fleet of vacuum dehydrators of varying sizes that are available for weekly hire which can save your business the outlay of much needed capital.  If you are not generally plagued with high levels of water in your hydraulic systems the rental of vacuum dehydration units can be scheduled to coincide with regular maintenance activities & avoid the premature replacement of valuable hydraulic fluids. 

Long-term rental of our vacuum dehydrators for systems that continually encounter water ingress are also available.

Vacuum Dehydration Models & Estimate Water Removal Time By Model

No Other Technology Removes Water Faster

V10 Vacuum Dehydration Unit

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