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Sessions are only 3hrs (11am to 2pm) long with refreshments provided.


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Common Questions Relating to Water in Hydraulic Oil:-

What happens if water gets in hydraulic oil?

Reduced lubrication film-strength which leaves critical surfaces vulnerable to wear & corrosion, ultimately leading to pump & valve failures, excessive filter usage or increased downtime.

Dont throw away your oil-1

What are the symptions of water in hydraulic systems?

Signs of water contamination may include a milky or discoloured appearance, increased foaming or reduced viscosity. 

How much water is acceptable in hydraulic oil?

Above a concentration of 0.12% the oil becomes saturated & should be treated with a vacuum dehydrator or replace the oil.

Can you filter water out of hydraulic oil?

The most effective way to achieve this is to use a vacuum dehydration unit.

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