Larzep Garage Automotive Equipment

Larzep provides a large selection of garage automotive equipment. Available equipment includes:-

  • Bottle Jacks
  • Air Service Jacks
  • Transmission Jacks
  • Trolley Jacks
  • Hydraulic Tables
  • Pipe Benders
  • High Tonnage Air System Jacks



Larzep Garage Automotive Equipment

M&R Hydraulics are an official distributor for Larzep

A-AB bottle jacks

  • From 2 to 50 Tn.
  • Up to 30Tn ‘A’ Models are single stage with screw extension.
  • ‘AB’ versions are telescopic with two hydraulic extensions.



DLR portable hydraulic crane

  • From 650 to 2.000 kg lifting capacity.
  • Heavy duty wheels and swivel rear castor for easy movement.
  • Exceptionally versatile due to their compact dimensions when folded up.



HL high tonnage air system jacks

  • From 60 to 150 Tn.
  • Used for mining and other heavy duty vehicle maintenance applications.
  • Models with one stage and telescopic with two and three stages.


CA1014 maintenance units

  • Maintenance Set CA1014 made of a series of attachments that combined with the pump, cylinder and hose, enable configuration of specific tools designed for various operations such as pushing, separating, joining, lifting, compressing, stretching and fixing.
  • 10 Tn model available.
  • Supplied in a storage/transport case.


AF high lift hydraulic transmission jacks

  • From  300 to 1.200 kg lifting capacity.
  • Hand operated release valve.
  • Chrome plated piston.


F hydraulic table

  • Single lift models, 650 kg, 1.500 kg and 2.500 kg capacity and high of 645mm and 880mm.
  • Operating handle is used to lift the load.
  • Special lowering valve means that the process is safe and controlled. Overload safety relief valve.


VA VB pipe benders

  • Suitable for carrying out bending operations with plumbing pipes, DIN 2440 and DIN 2441.
  • Pipe bending capacities of up to 2” and 3”.
  • Maximum bending angle: 180º.


B trolley jacks

  • From 2 to 20 Tn.
  • Two wide wheels to support the load and castor wheels for easier manoeuvrability.
  • Safety valve avoids overpressure.


HN air service jacks

  • From 30 to 80 Tn.
  • Telescopic models with two and three stages.
  • Operated by an air/hydraulic pump. Air pressure required: 8 to12 bar.


EC – EE – EM – EZ presses

  • Extremely sturdy frames, made from welded steel profiles, available as bench mount (EC series) and floor mounted H-Frame models.
  • Models are available powered by hand pump, air/hydraulic pump or electric/hydraulic pump. CE versions are fitted with remote motor control.
  • Table height is adjustable on floor mounted models, manually on 30 Tn, winch on 60 Tn and 120 Tn models and hydraulically from the main ram on 250 Tn models.


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