Fluid Analysis & Monitoring

OA-PATLKF (Replaces OA1)

  • ISO 4406:1999 particle count (4/6/14)
  • AN (acid number) mg KOH/g
  • Water Content by KF (ppm)
  • Hy-Pro qualified objective lab results
  • Prepaid tests in 10 pack cartons

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OA-TO Turbine Oil Analysis

Two levels of analysis; MPC only for trending varnish potential monthly & a deeper analysis for periodic monitoring.

  • MPC (membrane patch Colourimetry)
  • MPC patch weight (mg)
  • RULER (remaining anti-oxidant level)
  • ICP spectrometric element analysis ppm
  • Water Content by KF (ppm)
  • ISO4406:1999 particle count (4/6/14)
  • AN (acid number)

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PM-1 Particle Monitor

Install on hydraulic & lube oil systems to monitor ISO Fluid Cleanliness Code.

  • Eliminate bottle & dirty sampling port error with on-line particle monitoring
  • Ideal for dedicated in-line installations
  • Optional case & hose kit for field use
  • Large illuminated ISO Code display

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PTK1 Portable Oil Patch Test Kit

PTK1 patch test kit provides a view of what is happening inside your hydraulic or lube system. PTK1 coupled with on-line particle counting gives you results now and enables you to take control of your oil analysis. The kit includes filter funnel, vacuum pump, filter patches, field microscope, solvent wash bottle, forceps and a detailed reference guide to help you prepare samples and interpret the results. Get instant feedback on oil condition.

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VTK Varnish Potential Test Kits

VTK varnish potential test kits yield Membrane Patch Colorimetric for lube oil varnish potential (MPC ΔE) per ASTM D7843-12. Use the VTK to identify hydraulic and lube oil reservoirs with a high potential for varnish formation and trend the effectiveness of varnish mitigation efforts on each turbine.

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