Phosphate Ester Fluid Solutions

Dynafuzz Stainless Fiber Media Element Upgrades

Hy-Pro Dynafuzz stainless fiber media element upgrades were developed to solve a steam turbine EHC system problem where glass media fibers were migrating and clogging servo screens Strong acids can develop in phosphate ester fluids and compromise media integrity in cases of high acid number and long term exposure. Once OEM glass media pump discharge and servo pilot filter elements were upgraded to Hy-Pro Dynafuzz elements the problems with clogged servo screens went away.

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ECR Electrostatic Contamination Removal Skid

ECR electrostatic contamination removal system captures sub-micron carbon based particles that are the by-product of hydraulic and lube oil thermal degradation.  ECR uses a high voltage electrostatic field and proprietary collector elements to remove the sub-micron particles.  Typical causes of thermal degradation are pressure induced dieseling and element spark discharge.

ECR will return phosphate ester fluid that has turned dark back to its original color in hydraulic or lube oil.  Ideal for steam turbine EHC systems with dark fluid.  Visit the phosphate ester fluid maintenance products page to learn more about the complete solution for years of trouble free EHC system operation and how to extend the life of phosphate ester fluid indefinitely.

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FSA(PE) Fluid Conditioning for Phosphate Ester

Ideal for Maintenance of Steam Turbine EHC Fire Resistant Fluids

  • Prevent contamination related variable geometry valve failures, extend useful oil life.
  • Remove & maintain Acid Number to < 0.05 with ICB element technology.
  • Prevent & remove gels & deposit caused by other acid removal technologies (ICB technology removes dissolved metals).
  • Integrated TMRN2 (Nitrogen generator) prevents airborne water & metal ion ingression, and removes combustible dissolved gasses (prevent micro-dieseling).
  • Particulate & insoluble gel / sludge removal with high efficiency on-board filtration.
  • Maintain water content below 200 ppm with TMRN2 and minimize acid producing hydrolysis.

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ICB Acid Scavenging Elements

ICB (Ion Charge Bonding) acid scavenging elements featuring EPT media technology are critical to maintaining low acid number, avoiding servo valve failure and years of trouble free operation for EHC and other systems utilizing phosphate ester (PE) and POE fluids. Traditional Clay and Alumina based acid remediating medias have low acid scavenging capacity and contribute dissolved metals and ultra-fine particles that lead to the formation of gels and deposits. The metals also cause poor air release properties which leads to thermal degradation from pressure induced dieseling. With over 30 million successful operating hours ICB is used to solve million dollar problems in some of the largest fossil fuel power plants in North America, Europe and Asia. Extend useful life and avoid premature fluid replacement and bleed & feed routines by properly maintaining PE fluids with our total solution including ICB, TMR, ECR, and NSD (non-spark filter element upgrades).

ICB technology is also suitable for PE alternative fluids such as BioSyn, POE, Skydrol, and EcoSafe.

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Non Spark Discharge Filter Element Upgrades

Filter element spark discharge is a recognized cause of fluid degradation in hydraulic and lube oil systems creating soluble by-products and sub-micron carbon particles that deplete additives, cause fluid darkening and lead to varnish deposits. Oil formulation changes from Group I base stocks to Group II-III base stock oils has yielded fluids with reduced conductivity characteristics which enhance the effects of element sparking especially during cold start conditions. Hy-Pro NSD (Non Spark Discharge) elements prevent one of the primary causes of thermal fluid degradation and is an important part of varnish deposit formation and phosphate ester fluid maintenance.

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TMR Reservoir Headspace Dehydrator

TMR reservoir headspace dehydrator is a key component of the phosphate ester total contamination solution. TMR introduces 150°F dew point suppression air into headspace where the oil releases water to the air to achieve relative humidity equilibrium. Ideal for EHC phosphate ester reservoirs up to 1000 gallons to maintain a constant water level below 300 ppm.

Water is the major catalyst in the production of acid in phosphate ester fluids commonly used in steam turbine EHC systems and aviation fluid. Visit our phosphate ester fluid maintenance product page to learn more about our total contamination solution for phosphate ester and polyol ester fluids.

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TMRN2 Active Headspace Dehydrator + Nitrogen Generator

TMRN2 is an active breather system that maintains the air in the headspace that continuously introduces clean dry Nitrogen. As the dry N2 transfers through the headspace at RH < 1% the oil gives up its water striving to achieve equilibrium with the dry Nitrogen in the headspace.

Nitrogen is an inert gas so it will also remove combustible gases (ie CO2, C2H2, CO, C2H4, C2H6, CH4, H2) from the oil to reduce oxidation and fluid breakdown.

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VTK Varnish Potential Test Kits

VTK varnish potential test kits yield Membrane Patch Colorimetric for lube oil varnish potential (MPC ΔE) per ASTM D7843-12. Use the VTK to identify hydraulic and lube oil reservoirs with a high potential for varnish formation and trend the effectiveness of varnish mitigation efforts on each turbine.

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