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M&R Hydraulics represent HY-PRO Filtration in the UK.

HY-PRO Filtration are manufacturers of high performance micro-glass media filter elements. The new HY-PRO range of hydraulic and lubrication filters from M&R offers higher efficiency, cleaner results and longer system component life than conventional ISO16889 accredited equivalents; having undergone dynamic filtration efficiency (DFE) multipass performance testing, the highest existing method for measuring hydraulic and lubrication filter performance.

Over 30 years experience in the industry.

We believe we can help you identify and develop a plan to achieve and maintain target fluid cleanliness. By lowering ISO Cleanliness codes, hydraulic component life can be extended.

We stock a range of Filters, Housings & Breathers, available for collection or delivery within 24hrs.

If you would like to place an order, or wish to have some technical help with your filtration needs, please contact us now via our enquiry form or call 0151 357 1901 and we will be happy to help you.

For further information on DFE and an explanation on HY-PRO classification of filter media performance in dynamic application testing please click on HY-PRO DFE testing article.

Filter Element Upgrades

Over 500,000 DFE rated filter element interchanges & upgrades for all major filter manufacturers & OEM’s. Rated to Beta 4000, Hy-Pro elements ensure your fluids are always clean and in spec.


Varnish Prevention & Removal

Hy-Pro have a complete recovery & maintenance solution for mineral oil based turbine oils & lubricants. ICB Ion Charge Bonding filter elements significantly reduce production losses and resolve servo valve issues by eliminating the contaminants responsible for sticking or sluggish valves.

Phosphate Ester Fluid Solutions

ECR electrostatic contamination removal system captures sub-micron carbon based particles that are the by-product of hydraulic and lube oil thermal degradation. ECR will return phosphate ester fluid that has turned dark back to its original colour in hydraulic or lube oil. Ideal for steam turbine EHC systems with dark fluid.

Fluid Conditioning Equipment

Maintain optimal fluid condition with Hy-Pro Compact Filter Units, Filter Carts or dedicated offline Filter Panels. FSW wall mounted Filtration Systems ideal for small reservoirs, gearbox and diesel engine crankcase conditioning. All can be upgraded with water absorption media.

Duplex Filter Assemblies

DFN low pressure & DFH high pressure Duplex Filter Assemblies for critical systems where filtration is required without interruption and constant pressures & flows needs to be maintained.

Medium and High Pressure Filters

Maintain cleanliness for the most demanding and sensitive hydraulic systems with the Hy-Pro MF & PF in line Filters for pressures up to 630bar.

Low Pressure Filters

High flow low pressure filters for in tank or return line applications. Turbine Oil, Lubrication Oil, Hydraulic Oil & Fuel Oils. Can be upgraded with Hy-Pro AB water removal media.

Fluid Analysis & Monitoring

Take control of particulate & varnish potential by means of the Hy-Pro PTK1 & VTK1 patch test kits. Understanding the condition of your fluid is the first step towards improving system cleanliness. Establish current ISO code, set a target, plan of action and finally trend the progress of your actions.

Reservoir Accessories

Hy-Pro Breather products include Hy-Dry Desiccant, BF High Flow and the new BT Breather with T.R.A.P technology. Self regenerating moisture & particulate breather designed to lower the cost of ownership and extend the life of the breather.

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